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Welcome to Deuk's showcase of Android expertise. You'll find a selection of items reflecting thoughtful design and functionality and articles offering clear insights into modern Android development. This portfolio represents Deuk's dedication to advancing the Android platform.

App | Anothertask

Discover productivity with Anothertask, designed for exceptional outcomes. Effortlessly create tasks, set due dates, and monitor progress across projects.

Article | Android App Defense: Essential Security Practices for Developers

Unlock the secrets to Android app security with essential practices on data protection, secure coding, and user trust enhancement.

Article | Android Camera Permission Essentials: Streamlining with BaseActivity

Master Android camera permissions with BaseActivity. Simplify app development and streamline user experiences.

Article | Android Composable - Playback Bar

Create a Dynamic Floating Playback Bar for a Music App with this Android Compose Tutorial!

Article | Android Compose - Label Selector Bar

Master Android Compose with this tutorial on creating a Label Selector Bar UI! Learn to craft interactive, customizable labels for your app!

Article | Android Compose - User Rating Bar

Learn to build a dynamic User Rating Bar in Android using Jetpack Compose with this step-by-step tutorial on customizable UI components.

Article | Android Compose Snapping Effect

Create a snappy Android UX with Compose's LazyRow. Learn how to implement item snapping for smooth scrolling.

Article | Android Compose Task App Implementation Series: Animated Dynamic Tab Selector

Android Jetpack Compose: Build Dynamic Tab Selector UI in Android Compose with Smooth Animations.

Article | Android Compose Task App Implementation Series: Bottom Bar with a FAB

Master Android Jetpack Compose: Step-by-step guide to crafting a Bottom Bar with FAB using clean design.

Article | Android Compose Task App Implementation Series: Custom Dropdown Menu

Create a Custom Dropdown Menu in Android using Jetpack Compose, featuring optional icons.

Article | Android Compose Task App Implementation Series: Customizable Button

Discover how to build a Customizable Button using Android Jetpack Compose through comprehensive steps.

Article | Android Compose Task App Implementation Series: Customizable Text Field

Elevate your Android Compose skills by creating a Customizable Text Field. Boost UI design & functionality in your app!

Article | Android Compose Task App Implementation Series: Customizable Top Bar

Learn to create a customizable top bar in Android with Jetpack Compose. Enhance your app's navigation and design.

Article | Android Compose Task App Implementation Series: Icon Button with Customizable Menu

Learn to create a customizable Icon Button with a Menu in Android using Jetpack Compose, featuring easy testing and a preview included.

Article | Android Compose Task App Implementation Series: Toggle Task Item

Learn to craft a Task Item UI with Jetpack Compose: Integrating custom shapes in Android apps.

Article | Android Compose  - Custom Circular Progress Bar

Crafting a Dynamic Custom Circular Progress Bar in Android Compose: Step-by-Step Guide with Advanced Techniques

Article | Camera App Part 1 - CameraX Preview

Explore CameraX in Jetpack Compose: Learn to integrate camera features in Android apps, from initial setup to preview efficiently.

Article | Camera App Part 2 - CameraX Photo Capture

Learn to capture & display photos in Android Compose apps with CameraX. Step-by-step guide for CameraX integration & photo capture.

Article | Command Line Power: 10 Android Commands to Boost Your Workflow

Boost Android dev with these 10 Android commands. Streamline your workflow & save time on your projects with these CLI essentials.

Article | Cutting-Edge Android Development: Top Libraries for Modern App Creators

Explore top Android libraries to build efficient & visually stunning apps. From UI design to data management, master modern android libs.

Article | Empowering Android Engineers: Mastering the Blend of Technical Excellence and Corporate Acumen

Master Android engineering with a blend of tech skills & business savvy to innovate, collaborate, and lead in the tech industry.

Article | From Plain to Stylish: Integrating Google Fonts into Android Compose

Learn to add Google Fonts to Android Compose & enhance your app's design. Simple steps for a standout UI.

Article | Harnessing Jetpack’s DataStore: Crafting Persistent Android Applications

Understand persistent data management in Android apps with our comprehensive guide on Jetpack DataStore.

Article | Integrating Gemini API for Text Generation in Android Compose

Explore AI-driven creativity in Android Compose with our guide on integrating the Gemini API for unique text generation. Dive in now!

Article | Mastering the Android Activity Lifecycle: Best Practices

Learn Android activity lifecycle events best practices to craft top-tier, responsive apps!

Article | Material Design 3 Date Picker in Android Compose

Learn to add Material Design 3 DatePicker in Android Compose, for formatted date display.

Article | Navigating the Bug Maze: Android Developer’s Debugging Playbook

Master Android debugging with essential strategies to efficiently tackle bugs and enhance your app's stability and quality.

Article | The Ultimate Android Development Career Guide

Master Android development and launch your career with our ultimate guide. Learn key skills, practical tips, and monetization strategies!

Article | Todo App Part 1 - UI Implementation

Use Android Compose to create a sophisticated Todo App UI featuring code snippets, UI tips, and previews!

Article | Todo App Part 2 - Room Database Implementation

Explore modern Android development. Learn to integrate Room Database and Jetpack Compose to create a robust, working Todo App.

Article | Todo App Part 3 - UI Test Implementation

Elevate your Android compose skills: Master UI testing in a todo app with our detailed guide!

Article | Todo App Part 4 - UI Test with Dagger Hilt

Learn UI tests with Android Compose and Dagger Hilt. Increase your app development skills with practical dependency injection strategies.

Project | Dynamic Bank Card UI

This project showcases a dynamic bank card interface, leveraging the power of Compose Drawing.

Project | Dynamic Password Form

PasswordFormComposable is a Jetpack Compose UI component, designed for seamless password input and validation. It features dynamic rule checking, instant feedback, a visual strength indicator, and a toggle for password visibility

Project | Music Streaming Demo App

The MusicStreamingDemoApp serves as an educational resource for those interested in exploring Android development with a focus on Jetpack Compose.

Project | Network Calls in Compose

Android project built using Jetpack Compose with network call capabilities

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